The Bakken MDC has a variety of programs that support medical device innovation, teach the innovation process and provide various prototyping opportunities.


Innovation Fellows 2021-2022 Team

The Innovation Fellows Program concentrates on developing medical devices for a broad variety of clinical areas. The goal is to train the next leaders in medtech by fostering leadership and teaching risk management for medical devices. Learn More

Encore Mentors working with a Student

The Encore Program is mid- to late-career professionals and retirees volunteering to mentor the next generation of innovators. Learn More

BMDC Students Working in the Lab

The Medical Device Innovation Experience for Undergraduates (MDIEU) course is an exciting opportunity for you to participate in the medical device innovation process through an experiential learning project where you will be developing a real medical device. Learn More

Clinician-Led Innovation Projects

Clinician Led Innovation Program is an opportunity for clinicians to get involved with solving real-world needs and see medical devices come to life. Learn More