MedWorx™ primary function is to support the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center’s mission of enabling researchers, clinicians and engineers in their efforts to resolve clinical needs. Within MedWorx™ are five specialty areas that work together:

    Stakeholders may use one or more of these functions in their efforts to 'bring medical intervention to life'™.
    Previous cases include:

    • Pre-surgical planning for conjoined twins (YouTube video below)
    • Determining the fit of devices in specific patient anatomy
    • Development of a stent for a patient specific airway
    • Mapping probes in VR for Deep Brain Stimulation
    • Development of a pulmonary test chamber
    • Development of a catheter balloon controller
    • Development and testing of a chest tube holder
    • Testing of an improved craniotomy drill
    • 3D Printing of numerous pre-surgical anatomy and device prototypes

    For more information:
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