3D Printing

The Bakken MDC operates a Stratasys J750 Polyjet 3D Printer, a FormLabs 3B and several FDM printers. Since efficiency and precision are key, every submission of an .STL file or a design proposal will go through the following:

  1. We will create a proposal and send it to the email addess provided within 1-2 business days after receiving the form. (If there are questions, we will reach out by email)
  2. After receiving approval of the propsal we will communicate an expected completion date.
  3. We will email when the parts are ready for pickup or have been shipped.

3D Printing Coordinators are available to assist with design, modeling, and prototyping of 3D parts, along with our CAD Coordinator and Segmentation Coordinator. 

Please send inquiries describing your request to [email protected].

Folwell Components