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Innovation Fellows 2021-2022 Team

The Innovation Fellows Program concentrates on developing medical devices for a broad variety of clinical areas. The goal is to train the next leaders in medtech by fostering leadership and teaching risk management for medical devices. The Bakken MDC teaches the Innovation Fellows disciplined product development which includes FDA Requirements, Insurance Reimbursement, Intellectual Property and Business Strategies in addition to Creativity Techniques and Prototyping.

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The Innovation Fellows Program is an intense, immersion experience that identifies current medical device needs and innovates solutions. The Fellows translate ideas into inventions, develop prototypes, and conduct preliminary stages of testing.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, there have been:

  • 297 Invention Disclosures

  • 147 Patent Applications

  • 160 Technology Licenses Executed

  • 16 Patents Issued

  • 77 Alumni Fellows

  • 16 Start-up Companies

  • 34 Products Licensed/Optioned/Donated

  • over $35M Funding Raised by former Innovation Fellows

The Program is looking for a cross-disciplinary team interested in collaborative medical device innovation. Those encouraged to apply include: postgraduate engineers, experienced physicians as well as those in their residency or fellowship training, bio-scientists, seasoned medical device professionals, business professionals, IP attorneys, medical practitioners and others with a special interest in collaborating on medical device innovation and development.

Become a Fellow

Be an Innovator!

Thank you for your interest in the University of Minnesota Bakken Medical Devices Center Innovation Fellows Program for 2022-2023. Because the program is being re-imagined, we are putting it on pause for one year and are not seeking applicants at this time. Watch for information to be released later this year about a brand new Innovation Fellows Program that will launch in August 2023.

Innovation Fellows Teams

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2021-2022 Team

Morgan Boes, MD, PhD
LinkedIn Profile

Sergei Grishankov, MD, PhD
LinkedIn Profile

Beth Groenke, DDS, MS
LinkedIn Profile

Youssef Hamade, MD, MS
LinkedIn Profile

Jessica Holst-Wolf, PhD
LinkedIn Profile

Kelly Landsman, BME, RN, PHN, MN
LinkedIn Profile

Keith Leland, MSME
LinkedIn Profile

Sandy Liu, MD
LinkedIn Profile

Joe Weber, DPT
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2020-2021 Team

Christian Angelopoulos, BS (LinkedIn Profile)
Dan Broberg, BSME (LinkedIn Profile)
Braden Eliason, BS (LinkedIn Profile)
Sergei Grishankov, MD, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Ajay Gupta, BS, MS, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Essa Mohamed, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Enio Perez, MD, MPH (LinkedIn Profile)
Jaya Ravichandran, MSME (LinkedIn Profile)

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2019-2020 Team

Sanjay Dhawan, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Mihai "Mishu" Duduta, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Riaz Islam, MSE (LinkedIn Profile)
Molly Kaissar, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
David Nedrelow, DDS, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Enio Perez, MD, MPH (LinkedIn Profile)

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2018-2019 Team

Yasheen Brijlal BSc (Eng), MSc (Med) (LinkedIn Profile)
Lyndsey Calvin, MSc (LinkedIn Profile)
Amy Hoelscher, DNP, RN, CPXP (LinkedIn Profile)
Kieran Leong, DO (LinkedIn Profile)
Ibrahim Yekinni, MBBS (LinkedIn Profile)

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2017-2018 Team

Roy Cho, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Adam Choe, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Doug Devens, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Kevin Goodwin, MD, MBA, MS, MA (LinkedIn Profile)
Matt Kudek, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Felix Landaeta, M.Sc (LinkedIn Profile)
Shannon Smith, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Paige Tracy, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)

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2016-2017 Team

Hannah Bygd, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Adam Choe, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Courtney Hill, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Andrew Khair, PhD, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Brian Krohn, PhD, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Christie Traczyk, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Tom Viker, BA (LinkedIn Profile)

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2015-2016 Team

Adam Black, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Amit Goyal, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Michael Greminger, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Brian Krohn, PhD, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Steven Reinitz, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Ahmed Selim, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Bradley Slaker, BSME, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)

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2014-2015 Team

Bryce Beverlin II, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
James Cezo, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Dan Glumac, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Akshay Gupte, MBBS, MPH (LinkedIn Profile)
Mike Sullivan, AuD
Kate Taylor, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Meghan Thorne, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)

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2013-2014 Team

James Ankrum, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
John Ballard, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Jesús Cabrera, MD, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
James Cezo, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Jenna Iaizzo, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Rodrigo Molina, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Laura Paulsen, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Jeff Reineke, DO (LinkedIn Profile)
Annamaria Szabolcs, MD, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)

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2012-2013 Team

Laura-Lee F. Brown, MS, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Jesús Cabrera, MD, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Alan Johnson, MD, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
James Krocak, MS, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Chinmay Manohar, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Laura Paulsen, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Douglas Post, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Christopher Rolfes, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)

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2011-2012 Team

David Amor, MSBE (LinkedIn Profile)
John Ferguson, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
James Krocak, MS, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Nicole Pardo, MD, MSM, MBA (LinkedIn Profile)
Felicity Pino, MS (LinkedIn Profile)
Greg Ruth, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Blaine Schneider, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Ashish Singal, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)

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2010-2011 Team

Dawn Bardot, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Michael Dahl, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Gwenyth Fischer, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Kiyoyuki Miyasaka, MD (LinkedIn Profile)

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2009-2010 Team

Eric Little, PhD, JD (LinkedIn Profile)
John Scandurra, DVM (LinkedIn Profile)
Christopher Scorzelli, MD (LinkedIn Profile)
Karl Vollmers, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)

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Inaugural Team 2008-2009

Benjamin Arcand, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Joseph Hale, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Nikhil Murdeshwar, PhD (LinkedIn Profile)
Bryan Rolfes, MD (LinkedIn Profile)

Where are they now?

Where are they now?