Encore Mentor Program

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Encore Mentors working with a Student

The Encore Program at the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center, University of Minnesota seeks mid- and late-career professionals and retirees interested in volunteer involvement with biomedical engineering and device-related innovation for the benefit of patients and patient care across the age range.

Clinicians, caregivers, engineers of all stripes, biologic scientists, business people, physicians, nurses, computer professionals and innovators and experts are invited to enquire about these opportunities to take on encore responsibilities, mentor students and fellows, and contribute to new devices and approaches to patient care and diagnosis. All medical and engineering specialties are welcome

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As a mentor, you can:

  • Meet and interact with internationally recognized experts in device design and clinical care and innovation.
  • Discuss your ideas and contemporary challenges in clinical care, engineering, and sciences.
  • Mentor and share your expertise with young, upcoming experts. (our Innovation Fellows, Masters & PhD students, and summer interns).
  • Give back some of what you know to the next generation.
  • Teach students your field of expertise--machine shop, milling, or virtual reality skills (among many other specialized needs).
  • Solve that clinical or design problem you never quite mastered.
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals, both established and on-the-rise.
  • Brainstorm new and exciting materials, methods and solutions across a broad spectrum of needs.
  • Evaluate production, legal and practicality issues in a creative environment.
  • Help us with the next generation of treatments and devices.
  • Build on the amazing devices and solutions from your career.
  • Share with other "encore" professionals, cross-pollinating each other’s experiences and unique solutions.
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities throughout the campus, library and medical community.
  • Participate in optimizing the BMDC laboratories and workshops.
  • Involve yourself in the newest methods, technologies and solutions.
  • Explore the resources of the BMDC for designing and prototyping of new ideas.
  • Reactivate/recapture your excitement for the innovative, inventive process.